Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS) is honored to be an integral part of the National Communities Against Hate Initiative, striving to mitigate hate incidents and the domino effects that negatively impact our society. Joined by 11 organizations across the country, this partnership is graciously funded by the Open Society Foundations. Launched in Lewiston, the Maine Communities Against Hate priority is to stop the ongoing surge in hate incidents in Maine. MEIRS’s objective is to build a public awareness campaign with local business owners, public leaders, interfaith religious leaders and non-profit organizations to reject an attitude of hatred speech and to expand outreach to the communities affected by hate incidents. Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS) is a community-based, non-profit organization that educates, assists, empowers, and integrates immigrant and refugee youth and their families towards a goal of social and economic self-sufficiency and mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. MEIRS promotes a pathway towards citizenship and community engagement, creating  opportunities  for inclusion and meaningful  participation for immigrants and refugees. From its inception in 2008, MEIRS has been providing services and programs to youth and their families struggling to adjust and integrate into the broader community.


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