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Youth Programs, MEIRS

Since 2008, MEIRS has provided a variety of programs and services to youth. Among our programs:


Imagine being a teenager coming to a country where everything is different, imagine being placed into public school based on your age where you must adapt to a new culture and catch up with other students.


Many refugees who are new to the U.S struggle academically, culturally, and socially, and without support, their struggle may lead to other issues including dropping out school.  We are looking for youth mentors who will work new Mainer’s youth to be a positive role model for youth in our community.

MEIRS’ Bridge Mentoring program focuses on meeting the unique needs of refugee youth as they adapt to life in our new country, state, and city. The youth mentoring program will help refugee youth in gaining deeper insight into American culture, exploring, and engaging with their new community and achieving self- sufficiency. Youth will be paired with a mentor for at least six months where they meet for a minimum of 8 hours a month to work on goals together.  Youth mentees set their own goals based on their needs and utilize mentors with educational support, career guidance, learning the culture, practicing language, friendship while retaining their culture, tradition, and religion.  Mentees can choose short term and long-term goals to work. For more information, CLICK HERE. (go to Bridge Mentoring page)


This program, which is in the process of restarting post-Covid, runs throughout the school year. It provides academic assistance, social and cultural skill development, and recreation.


This summer opportunity offers youth morning sessions that focus on academics, social skills, and cultural integration activities. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to recreation and team sports.

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