Whole Family Services offered by (MEIRS) Maine immigration and Refugee Services, Lewiston, MaineIn partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services’ office of family independence MEIRS’s Whole Family Services program works with families by using the Whole Family Approach, that provides adults and children with the tools they need to set goals together, create plans and achieve those goals. Family members work together to support each other’s goals and achieve a long-term term change and stability with the help of a bridging case manager/coach.

MEIRS believes that strong families are essential to the well-being of children, adults and the community. Our bridging case managers who are trained in the Whole Family Services approach will work with the family to have access to a range of organizations to equip themselves with the social support and tools to accomplish their goals.

The Whole Family Services program breaks down silos in existing social services and puts equal priority on the needs of adults and children and enables seamless collaboration among multiple organizations to support a family’s plans.

Our Whole Family Services is prevention rather than crisis-driven. Empowering families with the tools to reach their goals and avoid poverty has far better long-term benefits than helping them once they have already reached poverty.

To be eligible for whole family services, a family must have:

  •  Child/ren under the age of 18 years
  •  Have income at 200% or less of the federal poverty level or receive food stamp/TANF
  • Asylum seekers who meet the above two criteria also qualify to receive Whole Family Services.
  •  This service does not require mental health diagnosis or does not affect any other services or programs families are receiving.

Our Bridging Case Managers can help families connect with:

  • Housing
  •  Immigration assistance
  •  Legal assistance
  •  Employment
  •  Food
  •  Childcare
  •  Health Care
  •  Education for children and adults
  •  Substance use treatment
  •  Mental health treatment
  •  Parenting help
  •  Transportation help
  •  And much more

If you or someone you know needs Whole Family Services, please fill out this form (Is there already a form for WFS available?), and someone will get back to you quickly!

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