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New Mainers who did not enter the country through the US Government’s Refugee Reception and Placement Program must file for asylum if they want to remain in the United States and have justifiable reasons to fear returning to their own country. Otherwise, they risk immediate removal from the US. Asylum cases are very complex and legal assistance is typically needed, but most asylum seekers do not have the money to hire an attorney.


In 2021, MEIRS became a Department of Justice accredited organization with an in-house accredited representative, giving the agency the ability to file asylum claims and represent asylum seekers in immigration court. MEIRS does this work on a sliding scale. For most of the people they represent, they do so for free. MEIRS is one of only two nonprofits in Maine with this accreditation.


In addition to asylum cases, MEIRS assists with documentation necessary for work authorization, green cards, and naturalization.


ELL/Survival English:  As part of our services to the New Mainer community, MEIRS offers classes for English Language Learners so that they can gain the skills necessary to navigate their new environment. As a supplement to the classes, MEIRS also offers one-on-one and group conversation opportunities.


Naturalization Classes: In tandem with our English classes, MEIRS teaches civics and government lessons focused on the US Naturalization exam. These classes assist green card holders as they apply for citizenship.



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