Helping Hands Behavioral Health Services offered by MEIRSMany immigrants and refugees have experienced deeply traumatic events that continue to affect them. Our Behavioral Health Services, which are designed to specifically assist this population, include the:

Case Management Services for Children and Adults
Case Management Services are provided by competent and qualified staff from the immigrant and refugee community who serve as cultural brokers. They help clients connect with available services and assist them as they transition into life in the United States.

Rehabilitative Community Support Service (Section 28)
Rehabilitative Community Support is home and community based behavioral health service. The program focuses on behavioral management, social skills development, daily living goals and community integration.

Home & Community Treatment Service (HCT)
This state-initiated program is available for at-risk children who are struggling at home, in school or in the community. It requires family involvement. Services are provided by a two-person team that includes a cultural broker/Behavioral Health Professional and a Master’s Degree level clinician who create a treatment plan and work directly with the parents and the child.

Outpatient Counseling
Behavioral Health Services also include individual and group counseling for both adults and children. MEIRS counselors are licensed clinical professionals who are trained to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Get Help
Our behavioral health services are available to everyone. If clients don’t have Maine Care or other health insurance, we utilize a sliding fee schedule. To refer someone, please CLICK HERE.

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