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Creators of mural hope to send message of ‘togetherness’

LEWISTON — A colorful mural created by Lewiston High School students and intended to portray culture and diversity was presented to the community Sunday, and one of the artists, LHS sophomore Zamzam Elmoge, hopes the inviting scene will send a message of “togetherness.”

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Join us for our open house

Maine Immigrant & Refugee Services has been working on renovating our new building for the last six months. We have finally completed the renovation with the help of individual and foundation supports. You are invited to attend our Open House  on September 27th,...

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MEIRS Executive Director Pens Editorial

In the wake of the death of a United States Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken from Falmouth, who was fighting the terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia, Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services Executive Director Rilwan Osman wrote a special editorial for the Lewiston Sun Journal...

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MEIRS Offers Accredited Immigration Services

MEIRS recently received recognition by the Department of Justice as a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)-accredited agency. We now have staff members who have been trained and BIA accredited to provide legal services to immigrants, refugees, and asylees.  Services...

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How Do Immigrants & Refugees Benefit Maine?

It is a well-known fact that Maine is the most aged population in the country.  This reality, combined with the fact that many of our youth are leaving the state, makes it imperative to our economic future that we ensure a stable workforce population to provide...

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MEIRS Executive Director Named Gorman Fellow

Rilwan Osman, Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services’ Executive Director has been named one of 12 John T. Gorman Fellows for 2017. “The 12 fellows come from across the state and have diverse interests, experiences and skills. Each member works on issues related to the...

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