Maine Immigrant & Refugee Services (MEIRS) will be hosting its 5th annual MLK DAY at its Lewiston office locations, a day where both adults and children participate at activities offered by MEIRS.

Ten years ago, Maine Immigrant & Refugee Services was formed as a voluntary organization that provided vital programs and services to youth and their families. MEIRS has also partnered with both national and local organizations on educating parents and youth about juvenile justice, bullying and for the last 4 years, MEIRS has partnered with Gould Academy to enlist enough volunteers to work with the children and parents for variety of programs and activities. The goal of the event is to motivate young kids and parents to be an integral part of civic engagement and volunteerism so that they can become contributing members of their communities.

The theme of this event is civic engagement, how can our youth and their parents engage with the broader community. We will be discussing and showing the importance of volunteerism available in various organizations in our area.

Similar to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., many of the immigrant and refugees went through a lot in their home country, in refugee camps and here in the U.S, we are also encouraging and empowering young children and their parents to speak up when they face bullying or harassment. Together we can make our city, state and country a safe and welcoming place for all.

Gould Academy students and other volunteers will be spending the day working with parent’s s and their children in Lewiston on a variety of projects including a sewing workshop for nearly 50 adults, conversation classes, a soccer camp and tournament for 4th-5th graders, reading and arts/crafts circles, as well as ending the day with some MLK day themed activities for all the children.

when:  Monday, January 21st, 2019

Time: 10:00-3:00pm

Where: Kids Activities(Longley Elementary School)

Parents activities(MEIRS office, 256 Bartlett St.)

Facebook link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/367418637422226/