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MIRS provides variety of services to Immigrant and refugee youth and their families

  1. Help immigrant and refugees with their naturalization applications.
  2. Encourage youth to stay in school and achieve academic goals.
  3. Develop comprehensive programs to enhance the daily lives of youth by participating in sports, music, cultural and dance programs.
  4. Educate about sexual harassment, and sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
  5. Prevent violence by teaching conflict resolution through cultural education training.
  6. Assist with social and cultural adjustment.
  7. Help preserve the traditions and culture of youth with programs and activities that honor their heritage.
  8. Promote anti-tobacco, substance abuse and underage drinking workshops.
  9. Provide awareness programs for subjects such as HIV/AIDS.
  10. Assist in finding gainful employment for youth and their parents.
  11. Provide traditional/cultural one-on-one and group counseling services.
  12. Urge and assist youth to earn their GED and/or high school diplomas, and to seek vocational training when possible.
  13. Provide Juvenile Justice System education for both parents and youth.
  14. Provide literacy and citizenship classes for parents and youth with limited English.
  15. Provide financial literacy classes for parents and youth, to help them gain financial independence and competency.
  16. Provide parenting classes for parents.
  17. Provide interpretation services