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MIRS offers  services and programs that are beneficial to helping immigrants and refugees get familiar and comfortable in their new environment. From literacy classes to behavioral health programs, our agency has the resources and experience to help.

MIRS Family Services: We provide direct help to immigrant and refugee families, which includes:

  • Helping immigrants and refugees with their naturalization applications.
  • Assisting with social and cultural adjustment.
  • Providing literacy and citizenship classes for parents and youth with limited English.
  • Providing financial literacy classes for parents and youth, to help them gain financial independence and competency.
  • Providing parenting classes.
  • Providing interpretation services
  • Reading documents.
  • Training and supporting immigrant and refugee youth and parents so that they can achieve employment.

MIRS Behavioral Health Services: Many immigrants and refugees have experienced deeply traumatic events that continue to affect them here.  Our Behavioral Health Services, which are designed to assist this population, include:

  • Case Management Services: Our case management services provide culturally competent services by a qualified staff from their community who will work with them and provide services based on their needs. Our case managers help clients connect services and programs available in the community. Our case management services is open for everyone  who needs the services.
  • Out Patient Counseling: Our Behavioral Health Services also include individual and group counseling for both adults and children. Our counselor are licensed, professional and trained to work with communities from diverse backgrounds.
  • Home  & Community Treatment Services (HCT): This program is available for children who are struggling at home, school or in the community. This program  requires family involvement. Our HCT team includes cultural broker/Behavioral Health Professional, a bachelor level and Master level clinician who will create plan with the parents and the child.

Youth Programs: We have variety programs for youth. Please visit our youth program website, www.youthbridges.org